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Who We Are

We are MPaQ Computing, LLC. A hemp manufacturer and wholesaler international. The word "Computing" to most in this modern day and age means Computer. While we are also a computer manufacturer, to "compute" is to think. We are a large global think-tank, coming up with groundbreaking biodegradeable products in new ways never seen or done before. We are comprised of experts across the globe that came together from many different walks of life and education. Here at MPaQ, we are "MPaQ'ting" the world of technology to deliver innovation for the future.


We believe in Action. Today's world is filled with petroleum-based products that are destroying our environment, our water, our world. We have one planet. And everything on it is suffering. How do you save the world? This is a question our team has been solving. We believe in Hemp. Hemp is the future. Hemp is the answer. We at MPaQ Computing, LLC have a vision of a world without petroleum. A world without black oil. A world without fossil fuels. A clean planet.


Everything in your modern-day world can be made out of Hemp. From basic clothing and shoes, to Hemp Concretes for building housing and structures. To Kitchen supplies, utensils, and china for restaurants. Hemp paper to save our forests and our atmosphere. Hemp Fuels with ethanol to replace gasoline, and Hemp oils to replace petroleum oils. The list is endless.


We as a team are engineering products using new clean and efficient techniques to ensure the highest quality without polluting the environment. Our agricultural team ensures that we do not use pesticides to protect our crops. We use natural holistic products to keep our crops healthy. We use clean solar and wind energy to power our facilities. Our products are produced 100% from pure hemp without added toxic chemicals or corrosive additives.

Our Team

We at MPaQ Computing, LLC are a large family. Cohesion is key to success. We handpick our team members one at a time, searching for people who share our vision, that have powerful skillsets to bring to the table. Everyone is chosen with discretion to ensure that we continue to grow as a family and work together flawlessly.

What we do

We take pride in what we do. We get the job done right the first time. We make Hemp Products a reality for today's global international market. Providing solutions to countries both rich and poor, finding new ways to help the human race move away from petroleum one solution at a time. We listen to our customers and their needs. We listen to the family unit. We believe in producing affordable products that everyone can buy without burning a hole into their wallets. At MPaQ Computing, our customers are our heart and foundation.

We stand out from the rest of the Hemp market. Our products are lighter, durable, and long lasting and produced using less costly, efficient, and conservative methods to ensure the lowest cost possible to the end user. Our products biodegrade in the soil after approximately 58 days when they reach end of life reducing the global use of landfills and pollution. When you decide it's time for something newer, plant your products in your garden and they will revitalize the nutrients in your soil. We use 100% biodegradeable components produced entirely from hemp.

Our Clients

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